Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Some thoughts on archetypes and Harry and Hermione

So, like there is this whole body of analysis of Harry Potter out there – and from a Jungian Archetype viewpoint, no less.

Imagine that.

I mean, how obvious does it have to be? Harry as hero, Hermione as Anima. Who can’t love that? Not me, that’s for sure.

I think all the stories I like are just like Harry and Hermione, even when the the hero is a woman and the anima is an animus – or another anima. :)

You have to be flexible about these things, you know. We can’t all be stuck in some illusory past where girls were only girls and loved only guys, and the guys were the heroes and the girls great arm candy.

Nope. I’ll take my heroes where I find them. Even when I know they have feet of clay, or come from the wrong gender.

‘Cause, hon, we all got feet of clay, and we all got an inner woman.


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