Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Some thoughts on reading right wing blogs

I read a few right wing blogs.

Ok, one, Tom Maguire’s Just One Minute. Tom’s ok, if a bit invested in the current manifestation (or is it infestation?) of the administration. I will cruise through other sites if pointed by a specific reference somewhere, but I surely don’t go there just to read.

But the place I NEVER go anymore are the comment sections of right wing blogs. And not for the obvious – I do comment everywhere I go, and I get bashed regularly. I don’t mind that – not much, anyway. What makes me ill is the unabashed racist warmongering that goes on in the comments. I get a look into the soul of some of my fellow citizens, and it makes me ill.

It’s kill, kill, kill.

Drop the bomb, use the AC 130 gunships, do whatever it takes to kill a billion or two Muslims, and the world will be just fine. When I read the words of people who can say that, even on a blog, I feel like I have slipped out of the real world into some outer ring of hell, or worse, that I have lived in some fantasy land where human beings didn’t wish death to whole populations and am now consigned to the real world, which exists in some outer ring of hell.

Get the picture? It’s an outer ring of hell either way.

I never thought I’d see the day when people who call themselves Americans would advocate genocide. But here we are.

We are Nazis in all but name.


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