Thursday, June 08, 2006


Ding dong, Zarqawi is dead, the wicked Zarqawi is dead

Betrayed by close associates and killed by 500 lb bombs. I wonder how it will affect the civil war in Iraq. I hope it signals the beginning of the end.

No doubt the administration will take this as proof positive that we are doing well in Iraq.

Not counting Zarqawi et all, at least 19 people were bombed into an early afterlife today. I'd say that counts as a mixed message.

Well, I AM glad he is dead. I don't take pleasure in his death. I can only imagine that Iraq is a better place without him. Heck, the WORLD is a better place without him.

It's not too much of a stretch to say the Iraq, and the world, would be better places without GWB as well. He doesn't have to be dead, just gone. Gone from the presidency, gone from public life and influence.

Although how much influence he has even now is a good question.

Bill Kristol of hte Weekly Standard says Haditha isn't the evil in Iraq, it's reporting on Haditha that's evil. How twisted is that? And he is supposedly one of the bright ones. I can't speak to his wit, but as for wisdom, I don't see any.


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