Friday, June 16, 2006


Michael Barone and USN&WR

Michael Barone.

Go look at Barone's 'thumbs up" blog roll. If he represents USN&WR, without a doubt I will never again subscribe or purchase that magazine. I will not read its website, and the only time I will read USN&WR articles is when they are posted as part of the work of someone I respect, in some forum OTHER than USN&WR.

To quote TBogg quoting Orwell, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

To which I add, Barone is a Pundit.

To argue thus: Vietnam and Watergate were arguably triumphs for honest reporting. But they were also defeats for America--and for millions of freedom-loving people in the world. They ushered in an era when the political opposition and much of the press have sought not just to defeat administrations but to delegitimize them.

If an administration - this one or any other - acts in illegitimate ways, then it IS illegitimate. It is not knowledge of that illegitimacy that is the problem. Barone clearly cannot see that.

What ,then, can he see?

USN&WR should stop publishing Barone. That would indeed be a service to the citizens of this country, and a blow for freedom.


PS - kudos to TBogg

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