Friday, June 02, 2006


So here I am at the end of week 4

And things are going very well. I have time to think about things, and things to think about. How great is that? :)

I have been given the opportunity to work at the one thing I do well - generate ideas. Now I need to turn opportunity into success. Which can be fun, too.

At least I think it can be fun. I don't exactly have a ton of experience with success. LOL!


hey jake! glad to hear the new job is working out.

okay, so you asked about sinatra ablums... this is kind of tricky because few of sinatra's concept albums have been released in cd form. instead they release a hundred and one compilations. if you're looking for just a lot of good songs and are willing to spend the money, The Reprise Collection is actually pretty good. It's four discs, mostly focused on later years (not a lot of early stuff with the big bands), but is quality, except for this one song about his son bill which i can't stand. if you're willing to spend a lot but want early stuff, The Capitol Records collection is good.

if you want concept albums: Come Fly With Me is great. Sings Only for the Lonely is great but so so depressing. A compilation called Sinatra Swings is one of my favorite - all up beat.

There are two great live albums. The Concert Sinatra features a big band. And I found this concert from Paris which is fabulous called Sinatra & Sextet: Live in Paris. Has the best version of "Real McCoy" on it.

If you want something different. One of my favorite cds is a session Sinatra did with Brazillian jazz legend Antonio Carlos Jobim, called "Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim." it's kind of slow and soft, but really beautiful.

hope that helps.

miss talking with you!

annie, you are so kind. :0

This weekend I WILL get at least two albums downloaded.


Ok, I bought the Capitol Records collection. 75 tunes, $30. Not bad. I am enjoying the music a lot. :)

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