Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Things are REALLY bad in Iraq

I am at a total loss to understand people, friends, who say Iraq is not a debacle. Putting aside Haditha, how can anyone look past the horrific loss of life that is now the norm in Baghdad and many other parts of Iraq and think things are going "ok" in any way? I just don't get it.

I don't get how people who are caring and compassionate in their personal lives somehow do not see how terrible life in Iraq has become. Would they be "ok" with things if it were their children at risk everytime they went to school, or to take a test, or almost anything else? Even staying at home is dangerous.

There is no government in Iraq. There are no liberties or freedoms, except to die, and the Iraqis had that even before we invaded. No one can speak freely, gather peacefully, or petition the government without fearing for their life, often fearing the government itself, or at least specific arms of the government.

Less electricity, less clean water, fewer doctors and engineers - how is Iraq better now than before? Is it enought to say that now the country has a chance at a democracy, even if it is one that appears to embed Sharia in the legal system? Is the chance any greater now than it was under Hussein?

I don't think so. Change would have come to Iraq anyway, sooner or later.

This change is not an improvement.


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