Friday, March 16, 2007


The Stations of the Cross

Ok, I’m in Vancouver, BC, it’s late and I’m tired, but God only knows when I’ll get another chance to post this thought - at least while I still remember it.

Sun I went to church (Episcopal) because my oldest granddaughter was doing a mime Stations of the Cross. She is 14 and attends the school associated with this church.

The narrators were also young teens. The choir was great - just listening to them warm up before hand was uplifting - and the kids were wonderful.

The thing is, the story is very moving. The words, as spoken by these young people, are very moving. But I thought, as I listened to the narrators, that Christians have it all wrong. There is no one redemption for all time. Redemptive sacrifices are made every day by inumerable men and women, and their sacrifices are every bit as important as Jesus’.

How strange it is, to recognize that one mortal sacrifice, while ignoring all the other sacrifices made every day in OUR name.

I am no longer a Christian, no longer a believer in a God of any kind, but I believe in sacrifice and the redemptive power of human beings giving it up for the team - the team being you and me, and all of us.


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